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That's one of the reasons Laver had some problems with Tony Roche. Of course the main reason is that Roche was just a super gifted player.

Not that this means anything but one of my fantasy match ups is the two great lefties, John McEnroe versus Rod Laver at Wimbledon. Just an FYI, I believe Rod Laver's last Wimbledon was John McEnroe's first Wimbledon. In some ways a passing of the guard from one great lefty genius to another.
great point on Laver passing the torch to Mac.Since Laver was the worldwide standart of measure back then and also a lefty, when Mac showed up he became inmediately compared to Laver.I think it was Tingay who said that Mc Enroe was the best player from Laver.In many ways, I also think so.In others, not.
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