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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
He avoided having to play Rafa for one reason or another through no fault of his own.

But the facts are the facts . He simply has been dominated by Rafa and his 17 slams came mainly by not having to deal with Rafa for one reason or another.

If you just want to add up the slams and declare that Fed is the goat then you are absolutely right.

However for me it's a far more complicated issue than simply adding up the numbers in a robotic fashion.

I just cannot logically call someone the greatest player that ever lived when he keeps losing to someone . It just defys logic .
He ( Fed) avoided... No, he didn't. He was in these GS finals.Where was Rafa? Funny how you understand the meaning of "avoid". FYI, it was RAfa. DO NOT twist things around to sui your purposes.
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