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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post

People who seem to be slice fanatics cling to a select examples from pros who use the slice a lot.

The slice is a fantastic shot if you can do it right. That can be said about any of the shots in tennis. A forehand slice has a place in tennis.
I'm by no means a slice fanatic and don't cling to anything except that the
modern slice is very easy to learn for all levels...not just top pros.
My point with that vid was related to those who think any slice to the svc
line is easy to put away, which is mostly a wrong idea.

Go back to my other posts and you can see I agreed that the Fh slice only has
a small place with most good players as the modern TS Fh should be a better
options in most situations.

Either way your comments are all over the place and don't seem to stay on
track with the OP. He asks why it's not used more and that is because a good
player will normally have better options, right?
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