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Add RPMs to your first. Unless you can be sure to paint the lines well, spin always wins. I promise you, 100mph topspin > 120mph flat. Why? Flat serves lose velocity very quickly. Even then, if you can get a stringbed on it, you can send it back with just as much pace. The topspin serve, while 20mph slower, will kick off the court making it appear to your opponent to be a faster serve. It will also explode off the court above your opponents strike zone, and no, I'm not talking about a kick serve. Ever notice Federer serves if not aces, but unreturnable serves at 110mph or less while players with big first serves like Berdych and Del Potro have far less effective serves even though they can get over 130? The spin is why Federer and Sampras are some of the best servers ever, and in my opinion, why Sampras is the greatest server that lived.
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