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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I have 1 screen and everything is on it with room to spare. No more rooting around looking for an app
You can also ask Siri to launch an app. I use the syntax 'Launch ...', though I'm sure there are various permutations that work. It also works for music with 'Play ...'. I use that quite a bit: you can do it when the phone is locked, which is when you save the most time.

If you listen to music a fair bit, it's also worth knowing that when the phone is locked you can access the play/pause functionality by double tapping the Home button. I employ that a lot in the office when people come up to me and start talking before I've even taken my headphones out.

What do you guys with the 5 think of the new headphones? The old ones were always very mediocre, so I've used Shure's for years. Anything revolutionary with these, or are they still blown away by specialist brands (which is what I'd expect at the price point, but you never know)?
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