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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
Boomer, if you get a chance tell us about how all the guys looked today in the quarters and semis.
Gomez was actually playing well today when I watched him, I thought Domijian will have to work much harder to get this match, but he was just his usual solid self who takes care of the serve and just cracked big forehand any time he has a look.

Stlylinger did not look nearly as good today as he did the last few match, still, je's gonna be a great number 4 this year. Korbelt was the one that surprised me the most, hitting his serve with power and great placement as he wants (down the tee, out wide). It's kinda cool to see two guys both hitting one handed BH at this level of college tourney, doesn't happen much these days. Stylinger's BH is actually better, seems like he could absorb power and redirect very well with the one hander.

Sarmiento was fighting for every single points against Pecotic who broke him early in the 2nd set and had several more break chances at 6-5. Pecotic is a very agressive player who keeps trying to bullying and intimidating his opponents whether it was Alcorta (OU), Quiroz or Sarmiento. He does have a big lefty serve and is somewhat of a powerful grinder, but does not have any special weapon.

KU looks very sharp against Morrisey, more so than he did today. I have only heard about him prior to seeing him play Morrisey, so I was surprised how big he can go on his first serve, especially for his frame. During that match, his forehand was huge, hitting inside out crosscourt and down the line at will, with great pace. Today even though playing indoor with no condition, he was just spinning ball in from both side and was only ocasionally go big on the ground. Today, he looks very much like Spencer today. De klerk was very improved this year overall, but he did benefit from the easier draw, beating an injured Hoss-Sorensen.

Aside from those guys, I got to watch Cunha played a pre-qual guy Chris Diaz, and Cunha did not look as good as I think he would. During the match, he was extremely tentative with his FH at times, just spinning ball in.
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