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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Here are pictures of Federer forehand with different camera speed.

Figure 1. Federer forehand - high speed camera

Like Nadal, Federer rotates relevant parts of his body very smoothly and without abrupt sideway acceleration.

Figure 2. Federer forehand - low speed camera

The last three frames of fig.2 demonstrate extreme wrist activity and arm pronation. It is absolutely clear that Federer and Nadal donít follow Wegner instructions.
You and I are seeing things very differently! This is very similar to the Nadal sequence, and the principle of pulling the racquet across (inwards) is even more starkly visible in this sequence. Notice how the wrist is laid back at a constant angle most of the way as Federer pulls the racquet almost linearly towards the ball, and the ISR close to contact that pulls the hand in and whips the racquet head. At this point you can also see the wrist release. Thank you toly, it confirms everything I said - your pictures are the best!
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