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Hi Drew -

1. The flex rating has been a pretty hot topic in the thread, but here's the short answer: The P1 ranges mostly from 65-68 (unstrung, going by the bar code stickers).with 67 being the most common. Once the it is strung however, the frame will be a bit softer.

2. If you are comparing the flex of the P1 to the flex of the IG rad pro, and trying to figure out implied arm safety, consider that the P1 is solid core, head to toe, and the Rad Pro is not. The difference in vibration and impact feel is easy to grasp even with just a simple thought experiment. Imagine hitting a baseball with a hollow aluminum bat, recall that high pitched "ping" sound common with college baseball. Now imagine hitting a fastball with a solid wooden bat. Which do you think will have the most vibration and shock? You already know the answer.

3. As a longtime HEAD player, I really like the IG Radical Pro, and the IG Prestige MP. I think they are the best HEAD frames since the Prestige Classic era. These two were the most serious competition to the P1 when I was doing all of my demos. You might find my mini review a few pages back somewhere. If you are going to demo, I'd suggest the IG Prestige MP goes on your demo list for sure, it's listed as 62 but plays much softer IMO.

4. By the way, how's your Achilles holding up? Hope you are back to playing and healing up nicely!

Hi Chizzle - Yeah cool, Tour bite is pretty awesome, I love that string, but may arm hates it!. If you ever start feeling that way, (or as a preventative measure) you might give a go with Dunlop Black Widow 18, which are also textured poly, but much softer, and compares really favorably performance wise. Check the string stiffness digits here:

Neverstoppedplaying, atatu - Yeah agreed, and thanks.

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