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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Yes.. the upper loop can be a problem for some. I tend to hit the ball lower in the stringbed. I also string lower and power does not seem to be an issue. As a matter of fact.. I just strung mine.. will bring it along today and play some dbs with it today. Happy to report back. I am playing it stock.. with a high end multi at 52/50.

I tend to hit higher on the string bed so that might be an issue. Trouble is, I like a very head light racquet (8pts+) and I that seems to be the problem with almost all of them. I will say though, I don't want to be adding any weight to it so that might also be a deal breaker. As it is, the specs are ideal but if I need any more weight then I'd be better looking at something else (not sure what that would be).
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