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I really enjoyed that time, the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s, because just about every week you saw yet another promising young talent and there was a point where I thought: "my God, where do all these talented youngster come from all of a sudden?"

And as soon as 1991 and 1992 many of them were in the top-10 ( Courier, Sampras, Stich, Ivanisevic, Chang, Agassi, Krajicek, Bruguera...) being all of them so young.

Only Becker, Edberg and Muster could still compete with them from the previous generation (and they were still only about 24-25 years old).

It was an amazing generation of talented young players.

But tennis was different back then, much more polarized conditions and many different styles being competitive.

It was so much fun, so many young talents looking so strong and seemed to put the tennis world upside-down.
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