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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
He is no. 7 in US not ITF, right?
Playing to WIN the 16s Orange Bowl will put more pressure on him than 18s. That's what you want him to be a "champion".

Of course, unless 16s entrants are only boys he already beat. I would think he will meet some good, physically mature 16s ITF boys in final rounds, don't you think?
Consider when Barry Bonds got struck out by a female softball pitcher although everything seemed the same there was quite a difference underhand ,bigger ball ect. But ultimately we all know the major difference was Bonds was use to seeing a certain ball and its a different level.

When you are hitting with some of the top 18 year olds that are getting ready to head for the NCAA and your also hitting with a lot of top college guys and then you decide to go down and play with 16 year olds you would have to change a lot , your hits would have to be with 16 yr olds to get ready for a ball that has a lot less on it , your reaction time would have to be adjusted, your return of serve would have to be adjusted , ect.

You would end up making lots of errors, overhits, he would still get the job done but would walk out frustrated because thats not what he has been training for over the last year and a half, it would have nothing to do with pressure at that point .

Once again anytime my player is on the court he knows "he has everything to lose" whether his opponent is 16 or 25 he could "lose the match" so the pressure is all the same no matter how old the opponent is !! My player is a true competitor!

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