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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Hey guys, new season is about to start for me, and I need some advice. Currently, I am using Flat serves attacking the person's body for my first, and with a topspin or slice serve down the middle or out wide for my seconds. I wanna change it a bit, anyone have any advice on what serves I should use for different opponents? I hit a rather flat game, where I can switch to topspin if I need it for different opponents, but my whole game is pretty flat.
My primary targets are: (1) on first serves out wide on both sides (slice on the deuce side and kick on the ad side), to open up the court, and (2) on second serve to the opponent's weakness to prevent him from attacking my serve. Of course I employ disguise and mix them up as the opportunities arise ie: cranking it down the "T" on first serves, but, those are my primary targets.
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