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Originally Posted by Federer20042006 View Post
I think the floodgates could be open for Murray, and he and Djokovic will be contesting most of the GS finals the next 3-4 years as The Rivalry in tennis (God help us all having to watch those kinds of matches with 40 stroke rallies being the norm, though).

So I think Murray will have a few slams when he's done.

Ivanisevic should have won at least 3-4 Wimbledon titles, but I think his height worked against him on other surfaces. He had the ground strokes, but not the footwork.
Ivanisevic was a nut case of the highest order. He was driving me crazy. He should have won at least 3 more Wimbledon. He either chocked or would mentally break down at any given moment. It was so painful to watch him.
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