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Originally Posted by LBR1 View Post
Key thing, he solved his biggest problem, passivity under pressure.
How many guys struggle with their issues year in and never adjust?

How long did it take Murray to get some cahones? Milos was a beast
and I can assure you the top 10 are quivvering in their Nikes.

He didn't rely on passive rallies waiting for the other guy to make a mistake,
and I hope he keeps that going. Whether he could do that consistantly
through 5 sets for two weeks is another story. I hope so. If he can,
then i can certainly contend.
Exactly, He goes for it and He decides the result.

Originally Posted by tacou View Post
Guy bets Murray in a 500 and we are talking slams again?

50% of the Raonic threads are about him winning slams, the other 50% compare him to Isner/Karlovic.

Raonic is so much better than his peers because he has a weapon already. His serve is one of the best ever. However, he might not develop a ground game around it. There's no way of knowing.

I saw him play in Newport this summer, lost very comfortably to Ben Becker. His slam results so far have not indicated anything special.
Serve is the only thing raonic has in common with the other 2, everything else Raonic is better, and soon he will be in the top 10, He is maturing and once He gets to the level that He is comfortable and still can beat guys outside top 4 easily, it will be scary.
Originally Posted by merwy View Post
You know what the problem is that I have with Raonic? I think he has a solid game and all, with the strong serve and steady baseline game. His serve will win him his service games. And his blunt and somewhat sluggish game is offensive enough to get a break in most sets and otherwise he can just play a tiebreak, which he also does well in because of his serve.

But I just don't see much room for improvement. I feel like.. this is it, you know? This is all we're going to see from him. He isn't going to suddenly change his technique and play like Federer or Djokovic, he will keep his clumsy technique and good serve. What is he going to improve? Serve harder? His movement might be improvable, but he will always keep moving uncomfortably because of his length. Same with Isner and Karlovic.

Nevertheless, he might get some Grand Slams here and there. If he keeps serving great throughout the tournament he might win it. And after the top 4 retires, he has time to win something big.
He can still move a lot better and more efficiently, his return right now is awful for the level He plays, backhand can be a lot better and the hard work and mental fortitude is there, so that equals winning.

I'm comparing him and his chances to other up and comer guys, all others have much less game than Raonic.
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