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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
Apparently the fact that Connors easily won was lost on you.
No, it was not. I wasn't saying that the advantage she got was too much, just that making the doubles alleys count for Navratilova makes it less "real tennis". Connors isn't used to running for balls that drop in the doubles alley and Navratilova isn't used to hitting to the doubles alley. I felt that, especially at the start of the match, both players had a little trouble with this and it just felt a bit awkward. These matches just shouldn't be taken too seriously, props to the two for making it look like a real serious match.

Also, don't you feel it's a little bit insulting to a legend like Navratilova to be given those advantages? This is what you would see when a 16 year old boy plays his 12 year old little brother. He would jokingly say: You can use the doubles alleys and I'll only use one serve, haha, even then I'll beat you.
It's a bit degrading, don't you think? Yes, I know Connors beat her easily. Yes, I know men are better than women at tennis and at sports in general. I know women's tennis is a joke. I know I only watch women's football whenever I need a good laugh. I know men and women shouldn't get equal prize money. But these kind of matches are just.. rubbing it in..

And to finally answer the OP's question: Connors beat possibly the GOAT female tennis player easily, in 1992. In modern tennis, power is much more important than back then. Male tennis players would now completely overpower the females.
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