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I was double checking with the flex. If it's under 65 strung, then the P1 stays in the running. As far as the flex of it versus the Rad Pro, I'm thinking more personal preference and less about my arm. My elbow was immediately better after I put down the PD and went with a flexy racquet. I was playing with my Dunlop MW200G, but it's too hard for me to play with at a high level. The Ti Radical I've been hitting with works, but it's an 18x20 pattern.

As far as the IG Prestige goes, the owner of the racquet club I play at has two of the anniversary sticks on the way. I may try them out, but I much prefer a 16x19 over the 18x20.

The achilles is a daily struggle. Hurts some days and others it's ok. I'm still waiting on the custom insoles after the Doc made custom molds. If that doesn't fix the problem I'm going on crutches for the entire month of December to let everything heal.

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