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Problem here is that I can only go by past experience with several top level women players, while you guys can recall one or two instances of current top level women players.
Do you think the old player'd DIDN'T have strategy or tactics? Nothing has change in the women's game from then. It was always about flat with a little topspin, deep shots into baseline corners, very consistent play compared to equal rated men, weak serves, little net play (you will quote Stosur or someone like that, but they are exceptions and there are, to every rule).
IF you 4.5's can play net, hit short angled volleys, IF you 4.5's have a serve out wide to typical 2hbh backhands, IF you guys can serve into the body to move the returner BACK, then serve short wide, you'd have a much better chance to win a few games.
IF u 4.5's stay at the baseline, hit topspin hard shots, are rightie and serve top/slice serves all day, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO WIN ANY GAMES, against a woman rated one who unit ahead of you.
As for whether or not I have actually been practice partners? Well, imagine this. I was 27 by the time I got decent at tennis, drove a BuickSkylark 442, surfed for over 10 years, skied for over 4, what do you think my chances were then?
Think for youself.
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