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I agree with the coach that won the arguement. This is why. I was a 3.5 and was playing a 4.5 doubles tourney with a guy in fla. I was just learning how to hit through my backhand. So me and the guy(who was clearly the stronger player) agreed that I would return better from the ad side(cross court) with my backhand as opposed to trying to hit it inside out from the deuce court. The thing is this though. I also knew how to be smart returning from the ad side. So that helped us and we won the tourney. Guys tried to serve to my backhand but you couldn't tell I was a 3.5 the way I returned that day. They both had pretty good serves but if it kicked up too high...I just lobbed it back into play giving us a chance. So the other girl may not be as strong of a player all around but the bottom line is this. As long as you are getting points on your side(deuce) then they can still never win the game. If she can't return well....then she should be on the deuce side, but if you are both 4.5 then I would think she can't be garbage. So i don't know that it really matters at that level which side you all play. I would play to the strength of the return and not persay the strength of the player. I'm clearly a stronger player than my wife but she plays the ad side a lot because she can get on top of the kick serves with her two hander as opposed to me with a one hand backhand. When we play teams where the guy's serve is no threat then I play the ad side. So I think it can vary from match to match depending on who you play.

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Our two pros were "arguing" this morning. I thought I would bring it to the board and find out your thoughts/experiences...
Here is the situation. We are a 4.5 ladies club team. Our pros are setting up this year's doubles combination. They were "stuck" on what to do with me and my new partner. One pro said I should be on the Ad side as they think I am the overall stronger player and solid at the net. The other pro said I should be on the Duce because I have a stronger forehand than backhand and my partner is more consistent in her returns even though she doesnt hit hard. This pro feels its more important to get the point started, but the other pro is worried my partner's softer returns will be punished and thinks its better to lose points from the Ad side than Duce. It was fun listening to their debate and in the end the pro putting me on the Duce side "won". Does it really make that much difference at this level? Curious to hear of others experiences
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