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Originally Posted by tonygao View Post
actually i also did this drill in the past, but just a few times and stopped.

it was a hand-fed drill, right? should I continue to do it with someone feed me off a racquet to increase the difficulty and make it more effective?
yes, and switch back and forth between the catching drill trying to simulate
a great contact point and some actual hitting with the focus on timing and
contact pt. Do 5-6 catching, then 5-6 timing hits with focus on contact, and
keep repeating 3 or 4 times at the beginning of a few practices, then let us
know what you see and learn.

Switching back and forth helps you notice little things that will help you as keys
to consistent execution. It may take a couple of practices, but I expect you will
note some things that really help and part of that is how it feels.
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