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Default Losing player gives advice after championship loss

I've been playing in a 4.5 league for about 4 years now. I've had some success as far as getting to the playoffs. However, I until this year never got out of the first round of the playoffs. So anyway, this guy who I've played some 7 times meet in the finals. The last 4 have gone 3 sets. He's won one in a tiebreaker and so have I. He beat me in the season match 11-9 in the breaker. So the matches have gotten very close. I had one the last 3 out of 4. So he beats me 3-6 in the first and I decide that I'm giving him too much time and decide to try a chip and charge up both lines strategy and to my surprise not only did it work, it worked very well. I beat him 6-2 in the second. The third is much of the same. So after the match he starts telling me...."This is not fun tennis" "I wasn't looking forward to it". So ask why. He starts going on and on about how 4.0's shouldn't be allowed to play in the 4.5 league because my sole objective is to take as much pace off the ball. I asked him if he thought it was fun for me the first two times we played when he beat me like 1 and 2 both times. He then walked me onto the court to no man's land and got in a return position and said "Do you realize I played from here in the whole night". I said "exactly" then he gets real ticked and says "You are not suppose to play tennis from No man's land"....I say...."I didn't play from did" He says to me...."you've got one of the best backhands the league and I don't understand why you didn't use it". I told him I don't remember him ripping any big time backhands up the line. I just don't understand how you are gonna tell me how I should play after I just won the last two sets. Has anyone else ever experience this(losing player telling you how you should play although you just beat them)?


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