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Originally Posted by WoodIndoors View Post
but without proper serve she's not gonna compete

I'm still wondering,

if my little girls is fantasizing how she wants to dominate in a way that her opponent totally submits, even burst in tears because also her wanted to win so much but couldn't

And some of you wondered if thats healthy or something ( me included)

Isn't that basically the whole idea of competitive sports?

Strong feelings, heaven and hell. Wanting to win and wanting to feel the victory...(which feeling comes from a realization that this could have had also a different ending)...and when losing admitting (through tears) that this is also part of the game. Without tears there's no joy either.

If that's not it, what is it?

Please don't tell me that the idea of competive sport is just to develope your game, for yourself...of course developing your game, being able to enjoy the process of it is very important, but to say that 'winning is not important, at all' is for me quite a bizarre thought...

probably developed by sportpsychologists only to get more non athletic kids involved?
I think all this is perfectly natural. She's a kid. Competitive, but still a kid. Drama, winning, losing, joy, embarrassment, tears, etc. All part of life as a kid. She'll mature. In the mean time, don't forget that you can use her competitive spirit to improve. Set goals. Make practice competitive. No need to rush into format competition until she won't fall back on bad habits just to win.
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