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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
For me, personally, I thought both EXO3 Tour 100 versions were ok on the serve but nothing exceptional. I did have to make adjustments for the extra spin you get from these racquets. My topspin serves were going into the net, but it was a simple matter for me to aim a little higher. The problem was fixed, and I got a little extra kick from it. My flat serves were about the same with this racquet as they were with most racquets.

Interesting. I'm having the opposite problem with the demo I'm using. My 2nd serves are going slightly long as are quite a few rally balls. I think once I get my string and tension dialed in that will go away.

I'm really not used to this. A Saturday night watching football with no arm pain after playing for 2.5 hours this morning. Life is good!

I played the longest set of my life today. We showed up at 8 AM to warm up and did not finish until 9:52 AM. I think every game except for maybe 1 or 2 went to deuce and of course it went to extra innings in the tiebreak.
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