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I used to be one of those players. I would complain about the junk people would throw just to try and throw me off my game. I've gotten past this point.

Slinging junk is half mind-game and half strategy. It takes little to no skill and relies on the opponent to rush points, take wild swings and mentally collapse. Way to win? Beat them with skill. If you cannot beat them with skill then you deserve to lose anyway because they were the better player overall.

If I find myself playing an "inferior" or "unorthodox" player and im somehow losing its probably because im making too many errors. If your opponent was better than you all he would have had to do was rally out points with you and win in the long run. It really sounds like he was trying for too much pace because he was playing a pusher (you) and got frustrated and over-hit himself to a loss.

Sounds like you're the 4.5 and hes the 4.0 since he rushes points to his own demise. A 4.5 should not be complaining about "lack of pace" or where a player is standing in the court.
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."
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