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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
90% of the time you can hit a slice forehand you can hit a topspin forehand and the same cannot be said about the backhand side.
Even in the 1970s, most players came over the ball on virtually all forehands and under the ball on most if not all backhands. Since coaches back then talked about how the backhand was the more natural shot and therefore most good players had better backhands than forehands, one would have thought players simply weren't skilled enough to hit slice on the forehand side.

Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
No, a short slice is more offensive than a short topspin shot as it creates more problems for the opponent, makes him scramble and leaves him out of balance.
That's only true if you're playing a base-liner. Most good players in the 1970s were constantly looking out for the short ball that would give them an opening to attack the net.

Originally Posted by USS Tang View Post
Having played recently in a couple of national 65s tournaments (grass and clay), I notice that the top seeds hit slice forehands most of the time and very effectively.
Is that because 65 players are no longer capable of effectively covering the net? (The only reason players began experimenting with topspin backhands and heavy topspin forehands in the 1960s and '70s was to defend against net-rushers.)

Are any of these matches available on the Internet?
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