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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I appreciate your advice.
My bike is '11 CannondaleCaad8-6, size 56, and I'm 5'11" in height.
Caad8 is a rec easy rider, with handlebars about 1.5" below the seat. Toptube length is normal, but stem is close to 4", a little more than what I've used in 4 previous road bikes.
I"m 63 years old. Have tons of shoulder injuries in the past. My triceps hurt until I start riding later in the season, like more than once every 2 weeks.
Neck, my bad. I surfed shortboards for 25 years, and 20 years ago, after I stopped surfing, I already had neck problems.
Butt. Stock seat, slight recess in the middle, fine if I ride more than once every 2 weeks.
G/f is an ex Cat111 rider (7 years ago), who can still ride metric centuries in under 4 hours, training once a week for 40 miles. Me, I ain't riding on no rainy day with 30 mph crosswinds.
The frame is the right size for you (I'm the same size and ride 56/57cm bikes). You may need to change the stem to something shorter and with more angle to raise the bars closer to your saddle height. From what it sounds like, your previous injuries preclude putting much weight on them. It would be interesting to see your position on the bike (got a pic?).
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