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Originally Posted by suwanee4712 View Post
A couple of other significant clay court matches for Hana in 1983 were her French win over Temesvari and her Fed Cup win over Jaeger. Both these matches highlight the intangibles that made Hana very good on red clay, namely her footwork and the ability to stay back or serve and volley.

The win over Temesvari was significant at the time because she was the hot name on clay that spring having already taken an otherwise dominant Martina to 3 sets and having lost only 2 or 3 games in her last 3 matches in winning the Italian. But Hana smothered her 6-2 6-1 and made it look as easy as it sounded.

The latter win over Jaeger came at a time when Andrea may have been playing the best tennis of her career. I believe it was also the first event for Hana after switching to graphite. There was noticeably more pop in her serve but she did struggle with finding her range at times. Still considering Hana's poor year winning the Fed Cup was her best moment, one of two straight Fed Cup titles on red clay.
All true, but lets not leave the wrong impression. Hana won exactly 4 tournaments on clay. She beat someone named Strachonová in Barcelona, and Sabina Simmonds in Milan both in 1978 for two of them in her first year as a pro. In '79 she won Kitzbuhel over Hanika. Not exactly matches or events of stature. She won RG two years later and then nothing. I mean nothing for the rest of her career.

She got to 6 other finals on clay. She won precisely one set total in those 6 finals and that was to Martina. Hana retired vs Rucizi after loosing the first. She got blown completely off the court vs Evert in 2 finals, routined in one by Evert 3&3, blown off by Jaeger in another, and got her best score in 6 years in a final, loosing to Graf 3 & 4 in '87. She had serious problems clinching the deal on dirt in her prime. The list of her earlier rd losses is legion but I won't go there. As I said, She was capable of producing great clay court tennis, but she was far from a great clay courter. Your best wager was always that Hana would not win a clay title, or get within a set of it, no matter who else was in the draw, or how nondescript the venue.

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