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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
First of all, I would do the research before talking BS on the Forum.

1) UNIQLO is Made in China, not in Japan, I was surprised too knowing Japanese culture well. However, yes, it is all about the profits
2) China has more UNIQLO stores than the USA, and is a very popular brand over there due to prices. I have visited many of their stores in Shenzhen and Shanghai last month. Stores were attended well. You cannot imagine the size of the stores, though.
3) UNIQLO Djokovic is ONLY available at the NYC store, not in Japan, not in China...
1. What does where UNIQLO clothes are made have to do with anything? EVERYTHING is made in China these days. Most of Nike, Adidas, Fila, Under Armour, etc. clothes are made in China, too. But that doesn't make them Chinese brands. Nike is still an American brand. Just like Apple is still an American brand even though they make all of their iPads, iPhones, iPods, etc, in China.
2. The UNIQLO Djokovic stuff is only available in NYC because of the US Open and that's when and where they introduced it. They will probably roll out the Djokovic stuff in other countries once production ramps up. I doubt UNIQLO will want to make the same mistake that Sergio Tacchini did with their Djokovic stuff which was not available in most places where fans wanted to buy it.
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