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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
Why do we even care? Putting a woman against a man in almost anything, the man will win, we're acting all proud about it and beating our chests lol, so what?
You should've seen Serena after she hit an ace against Roddick, the worst returner in the ATP. She was hugging the people nearby as if she saved a nation.


Originally Posted by Nathaniel_Near View Post
Juan Monaco is in the top 10? Good grief.
Yet THIS is the "strong era, on the highest level ever". Go figure.

Originally Posted by The-Champ View Post
Even though Queen Serena for me is the greatest woman player ever, she would not stand a chance against a 1000 ranked male pro
So basically, without a single leg to stand on, you consider he the greatest player ever.....because? She is about as much the greatest as Djokovic is.

Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
doubt it, not even 1000. Guys are much stronger. Most pro guys would simply blow them off the court with their much heavier ground strokes. I'm talking about a regular tennis match btw.
Serena is no regular woman. And you probably should've watched 2002 Serena. Inside the top 500 is no joke.

Currently she would probably be a low end top 1000 at best.
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