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Originally Posted by NadalDramaQueen View Post
Right, he made his adjustments so that he could beat Federer. He was already good enough to reach him. He still didn't win in 2007, by the way. If you want to take a look at reality, Fed played terribly in the first two sets in 2008. He had his good moments and breaks that he blew completely. He still only lost 9-7 in the fifth set. It isn't a huge leap to suggest that a peak Federer is going to win his matches against peak Nadal on grass. The guy has seven titles to Nadal's two. Whine all you like, but that is reality, accept it and move on.
The only reason Rafa didn't win 2007 Wimbledon is because of his quad injury. Not an excuse, just reality. And Rafa didn't play well in the 2008 final, because he was very nervous once he got up 2 sets to love. I consider it a choke (despite winning). BTW, you post under a username that indicates you are only here to hate on Rafa. You aren't here to support Rafa. You aren't here to support any other player either. You are only here to hate on Rafa. That is pathetic.
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