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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
The only reason Rafa didn't win 2007 Wimbledon is because of his quad injury. Not an excuse, just reality. And Rafa didn't play well in the 2008 final, because he was very nervous once he got up 2 sets to love. I consider it a choke (despite winning). BTW, you post under a username that indicates you are only here to hate on Rafa. You aren't here to support Rafa. You aren't here to support any other player either. You are only here to hate on Rafa. That is pathetic.
Back to the username, ***? It gets old after the third or fourth time.

The reality is that Rafa lost 2007 Wimbledon. I just checked to make sure. You should do the same. We can play this game all you want: Federer didn't play well, his back hurt, Rafa's parents got divorced, his tape was too tight, blah blah blah. It is all pathetic.

Fortunately, everyone on this planet is quite sure of the actual results, join the club, learn history (or the fairly recent past).
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