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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
I respect Toni, but the following recent quote shows that hre hasnt been in touch with tennis trends of the last 10 to 20 years

"This sentence does not bother me. It’s the truth. Federer is better than Nadal and the titles say this. It's also true that we play on a circuit that is in his favor, made ​​of tournaments that are held on super fast courts. But the debate on who is the best in the history of the sport should not be done with Rafa but with Rod Laver, who was unable to play for several years and we all know he could have won more titles. Regarding the matches, Rafa is winning the matches played against Federer but for me it does not matter that much, for example, Davydenko has a favorable record but we all agree that Rafa is better than the Russian."


The fact is that we dont have fast court tennis anywhere anymore. We only have slow court tennis (first half of the year) and medium paced tennis - second half of the year. Not sure what planet toni is speaking from here - doesnt he see that tennis has been slowed down incredibly?

A great coach, but this is strange.
Did he actually say, "Super Fast Courts" or was he misquoted again? If he did say that, he sounds worse than the worst ****.

ETA : And why would he wish Federer wasn't around? Half of why Nadal is so highly regarded is because of his success against Federer.

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