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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
Okay guys, I strung two racquets for my client. The good side to this is no string snapped. The bad side.....everytime I pulled tension, the string was scuffed on that part. Basically, the string was scuffed on very many parts of the racquet. I did turn the screw clockwise but that did not seem to help the scuffing. So I gave my client his racquet's and he was okay with everything. I told him that the scuffing should not be there, but did tell him that it should not make a difference in the play of the strings. Anyway, I just charged him a little less then half of what his normal string job costs but that's okay. So I still do not know what I need to do with my neos, help please:/
To reduce scuffing you need to turn the screw COUNTER Clockwise. When you turn the screw clockwise the tip sticks out farther and hits the plate sooner meaning the gripper will not close as far so you string may slip more.

EDIT: I can't speak for everyone but rather than return a racket to a customer with a problem I would rather return the racket unstrung and tell them I have a stringer problem and can't string it. Why don't you just use a business card?
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