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McLovin - okay, so X Fast is probably not your cup of tea (I know how much you love the altogether superb X Force Pro), and from a lot of research I've done, don't think I'm going to prioritize checking it out either. Seems a few frames are pretty similar indeed to this too.

All - so I've had a ton of great frame recs on this thread. So hard to work out what I do want to look into due to certain variables plus the difficult demoing situation here in England, but right now I'm most preoccupied with (though I'm kind of adding and taking away from it all the time):

Formula 100
100S and/or EZone Xi 100
Juice 100

It occurs to me now also though that FWIW maybe I should also mention a few other things that appeal to me as well as not wanting my arm decimated (LOL!)... and this is in chronological order of importance too.

1 - Consistent easy deep g/stroke oomph (prob my no. 1 reason for sticking with the APD so long)

2 - Biiiiig serve pop (not going to lie, I love and need a bit of help here - anything that can assist roar in a flat bomber has always appealed to me)

3 - Decent control

4 - Generally something that suits medium swing, strong SW-Western grips, lot of spin b-line

5 - Decent feel and touch

6 - Good build quality

7 - Decent solidness

Maybe this frame doesn't exist but anyway...
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