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Default help with doubles!

so I know that doubles is all about the net; however, when I do play from the baseline i notice that many of my opponents like to lob it over my partner's head, giving me a deep lob. on my forehand side this isn't such a problem; however, I've been having difficulty getting good pace and depth on my backhand side because I am hitting from 5-6 feet behind baseline. then what usually happens is that the net guy smashes my reply. what do I do? Also, on the forehand side when this happens, should I try to smash the lob while its coming down, kinda like a serve? this seems really difficult but effective. this is so frustrating b/c when my opponents give me anything in my wheel house, I am able to put a lot of pressure on them and I actually win more points with my groundstrokes, but it's these pusher lobs that are really destroying us.
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