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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Hmmm, that's a long time post op. I was serving lightly 5-6 mos post op and competing 9 mos after it. It was about a full year until I felt like my serve could be a weapon again. Are you near 100% rom in all other aspects? Still doing some throwers 10 2-3x a week?

One change to my swing that I made was to concentrate on keeping my elbow in a little bit more and really focus on swinging up. Tough to explain in words, but all I can say is do some experimenting. It makes sense to re-tool the service motion because that was likely the cause of damage.
Yeah, i'm still doing strengthening. I am 100 ROM. I find that when my toss is slightly forward it helps, but i find that weird given that you like at people like Fed and they are making almost a slightly angled straight line on contact. I'l try to take a vid at some point soon.

Also, it wasn't necessarily my technique. I was only breathing through my mouth for almost a decade which caused my neck and shoulders to get really tight. With the combo of tennis the labrum just popped.
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