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Originally Posted by mimo View Post
do people tend to wrap it with the tacky side out or the softer side out? it seems the tacky side offers better grip but maybe less absorption. just curious to get some feedback.
When you say "tacky side", are you referring to the side that isn't covered with a plastic protector when new? Because I would hardly call either side of Tourna Grip tacky when new, especially when compared to actual tacky OGs like Wilson Pro or Yonex Supergrap. But to answer your question, I start with the "softer side" (the side with the plastic protector) first, then flip it over and use the other side for practice or other non-match situations.

I've found the differences in sweat absorption on either side to be marginal. Just wipe it down with a towel every once in a while between points.

Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
For me, I got really curious why so much people liked this OG. As of now, my thoughts are still the same. Why do people like it? Not hating on the OG or anything but its just got me questioning a lot.
Like jonestim said, it really depends on how much you sweat. I like this grip because of how it feels before and especially after I start sweating a lot. It gave my hands a secure grip every time. I've never had to worry about my grip slipping late in a match when the tackiness -- and thus, usefulness -- of other grips would have started to wear out.

I've never gotten any blisters from all my years using Tourna Grip, but I admit that I've developed a few very shallow calluses on my palm and fingers.
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