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Kaku, you are correct, he is using an Eastern in that warm up rally. I guess he can hit with both as many are saying and it depends on his strategy, etc. I'm fine accepting that he can play with either, but definitely take a look at the video I posted and if you want to see that in that particular shot, when at the end of the stroke where you can freeze the frame and see the angle of the racquet face straight up to the camera, he is clearly holding the racquet in a semi-western grip.

no one should say he "always" hits with an eastern or modified eastern because at least on this and a few other clips, he is hitting with a semi-western.

honestly, it doesn't matter and no need to belabor this subject because i agree he probably often plays with eastern or modified eastern if he wants. I hit with a modified eastern and recently moved slightly closer to a near semi-western and can hit with either equally well (with more spin and clearance on the net with the near semi). in fact, by focusing for 3 to 5 minutes on the grip i want to use, i can move to consistently hit with that grip without thinking about it for the rest of a match or hitting session.

i just thought it was one of the clearer clips to show him having hit at least one ball with a semi-western. thanks kaku and others...
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