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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
We all know how dominant they are on their best surfaces. Nadal on clay. Federer on hard/grass. But how well do they do on their weakest?

Nadal has 10 big hard/grass titles
Federer has 7 big clay titles

But more importantly is Nadal has 4 grass/hard slams to only 1 clay slam for Federer.

4 > 1.
Kudos to you LOLville, this was a very brave thread to create. However, you missed out a little thing. In the interest of fairness (and fairness has always been your one and only motivation, as we all know), if you only choose one best surface for one of them, you must choose one (and one only) for the other. Not a gazillion of them, obvioulsy, otherwise this kind of defeats the purpose.

So, let's be fair, as I'm sure you wanted to be when you wrote this first post, and look at this with one single best surface/condition for each of them:

* Nadal: best on clay--let's discount clay, so he's left with 4 slams
* Federer: best indoor--let's discount indoor, so he's left with, ahem, 17

Then, according to your logic, we get:

4 > 17

Which is even more impressive than Trolling Day and Knight's 11 > 17.

Pretty conclusive, I must say...

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