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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I dont know. I've never seen anything good come out of calling a foot faulter. To me, that probably has the least impact on the game, especially in 4.0 or lower. I just dont see how someone, even being 1 ft. inside the line at the time of contact can be much of any use unless the person is serving big. Really big.
Eh, in singles I don't mind, because as someone said, the foot faulter will have trouble with a deep return, but when I come across people serving 2 feet in (no joke, there are some 4.0s that just start 2-3 feet behind the baseline and do a running serve) and volleys in doubles, that's a serious advantage. Because that player's entire strategy is built around serving 2 feet in and rushing the net.

Of course I rarely call it in rec play. Besides if I ever play these foot faulters in tournaments, I have a free win, because USTA does enforce foot faults in tournaments, at sectionals and beyond.
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