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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Last night I watched the semifinal of a local 5.0+ tournament and there was this 14yo 5.0 phenom against an 18yo 5.5 topspin monster....<snip>.......Every time the 18yo hit one of the massive topspin FHs the 14yo just nailed it back twice as hard. The massive topspin had no effect on a 14yo. The 14yo won 7-5, 6-3.
How can you possibly conclude from that that topspin has no effect? Maybe the 14 y/o was simply a better player and the 18 y/o having an off day?

It's also difficult to believe that any 14 y/o can nail it back with "twice the power" that an 18 y/o can generate. Is this 14 y/o green skinned and a freak of nature?

And since when do they have NTRP rated tournaments in Italy?

I don't seen how you can possible conclude that in a flatter v spin match up, the flatter hitting player will prevail and that "top spin has no effect". That's just simplistic nonsense.

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