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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
While kiki obviously overrates Kodes to ridiculous margins, when it comes to Nastase, Kodes did beat Nastase in the final to win 1 of his 2 French Opens, and won the Wimbledon Nastase was supposed to win in his sleep but lost early at. Nastase having less majors than Kodes is largely since he couldnt even win those 2 weak majors which Kodes won instead. Obviously Nastase is more talented, but talent only means so much, the guy might have been more talented than Borg or Connors even, but that doesnt make him greater, he was a nutcase. Kodes 2 U.S Open final runs which included some huge wins, and lost very competitive finals were also tremendous, especialy for someone who was mainly a clay courter.
He also reached several semis at majors, which include the Masters,Wimbledon,Forest Hills,Dallas and lost to Swede in Sweden the DC finals, which he won as a non playing captain the year of his retirement (1980)

Kodes and Led Zeppelin retired the same year.Not a casual coincidence¡¡¡
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