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So, how many people play ATP level tennis here? Is the average 4.0 able to hit 4000rpm with heavy pace like Nadal? I would like to see the video please.

Let's be realistic here. How many people are hitting spin and pace like Nadal today? Maybe just Nadal. But, how many are trying to hit spin and pace like Nadal and not doing a very good job? Millions. OTOH, I see people trying to use just enough topspin to keep a ball with heavy pace in, like Djoko does, and getting better results.

Let me make this as clear as I can. I'm not saying to not hit with topspin, I am saying maybe it is more reasonable to just use enough topspin to keep a ball with heavy pace in, rather than put all the energy into creating a 4000rpm ball that just loops through the air and takes it's time arriving. Pace does more damage than spin does. But, if you can do both, like Nadal does, great for you.
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