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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
I'm not arguing with you anymore. You're like a parrot, the same old "head-to-head" argument ad nauseum, which doesn't really mean anymore than Nadal's record against Davydenko. Federer is the GOAT and, deep down, you know it. Which is why you spend so much time with the same (worn off) argument. See ya! don't listen. That's why I have to repeat it again.

Nadal vs Fed is not merely a head to head. It's utter domination on every surface in the World Series of tennis the Super Bowl a.k.a. THE GRAND SLAMS.

Davydenko on the other hand is merely a regular season head to head on one surface (hard) in a best of three.

Hopefully I won't have to repeat that again.
"Federer has to beat Nadal(if he wants) to be considered the greatest ever, certainly in my book." Pete Sampras
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