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Talent wise, he is as good if not better than Ememrson ( this guy was the GOAT opportunistic since he decided to remain amateur9 but I donīt think Kodes was more talented than Ashe,Roche and , of course, Nastase.He was less talented, without any doubt.

If we go to records, Kodes won as many GS titles as Ashe ( but Ashe won WCT finals so his record is a bit better than Kodes) and more than Nastase and Roche, although one can make a case for Nastaseīs 4 Masters titles, which Kodes never won, so it is about tied.

Roche is far behind them, he was a great talent, with a solid ground game and a terrific volley but quite of a loser if we consider how many opportunities did he have and how many finals he lost.In doubles, however, ranks among the best ever.
kiki, It's not a shame to lose in majors to Laver and Rosewall.

Kodes was 1:4 against old Rosewall to put Roche's defeats by Muscles into perspective.
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