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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Fortunate for Federer.

Nadal at 26 has missed 6 slams and am Olympics by the way.

Who has ever done more than that with such little time ?

That's why Nadal is the goat.

By the way those 6 slams Nadal missed ( correct me if I'm wrong please ).....

If I'm right about Nadal missing 6 slams then watch this:

17-6 = 11 or 11 +6= 17

Federer has never missed a slam and is 31 .....quite a bit more chances . Nadal has done more with far less chances....and beaten Federer.

To me Nadal is therefore greater.
Ahh, the game of assumption. How about this: if not for Rafa, Fed would have had 6 more FO, 1 more AO, 1 more Wimby. Add on top of it: if not for Djoker, at least 2 more USO, all 3 GS titles of last year where Rafa got owned by Djoker. Where are we already in the count for Fed in this game of assumption:
17+6+1+1+1+2+3 = 31 GS
Repeat after THIRTY-ONE. We're not talking about GOAT anymore. We're talking about GOD, pure and simple.
"That's why Nadal is the goat." Excuses are the loser. Let's talk it over when your Rafa reaches 17 GS. At the rate he's going, he'll lucky to get the next FO before Djoker and Murray started to own him for good there too.
And how about this: the spanking at Indian Wells 2012 by a VERY OLD 31-yr Fed? What's the excuse there? Skip, nah. Injury, nah. Still too young, really? HC, didn't you say he also owned Fed there too? We're all listening...
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