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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Fortunate for Federer.

Nadal at 26 has missed 6 slams and am Olympics by the way.

Who has ever done more than that with such little time ?

That's why Nadal is the goat.

By the way those 6 slams Nadal missed ( correct me if I'm wrong please ).....

If I'm right about Nadal missing 6 slams then watch this:

17-6 = 11 or 11 +6= 17

Federer has never missed a slam and is 31 .....quite a bit more chances . Nadal has done more with far less chances....and beaten Federer.

To me Nadal is therefore greater.
My god, even worse logic than ***. Even he acknowledges Nadal can't win the tournaments he skips.
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