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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I think Roche´s real problems were in his head, and it was a great way to overcome them to be able to take Lendl were he took him.
The guys you mention as tough opposition for Roche, were exactly the same guys Kodes had to play during his prime, while Borg,Connors,Vilas came a bit after his prime.
except Kodes didn't win against Laver/Rosewall in any of the major events ...

He had a major losing H2H vs newk and had a losing H2H vs smith as well ...

Kodes had a total of 8 titles ....just goes to show he wasn't that good at all .... just that he got lucky, extremely lucky in those majors that he won ... Hes at par with a one-slam winner and history ranks him correctly that way ......
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