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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Guys, I think we all know what topspin does.

My question is "What is the point of full western grips and overworked strokes, especially on the FH, if they don't do so much damage?" At worst, they create junk balls because the technique is too demanding, and at best they produce a ball that jumps off the bounce and bounces higher than normal. But, those ball get sent back every time.

What I am seeing at the NTRP equivalent of 5.0+ here is way too many people who try to create a lot of spin with their western FHs and crazy looking strokes, but are neutralized by heavy hitters who use a normal amount of topspin. And this is on clay. On cement the advantages of killer topspin are seriously diminished.
Your absolutely right. On the nose. I've experienced this. A lot of people preach the heavy topspin, western grip. I see it all the time. But after years of falling into that, it is WAY better to have a mix. More pace, enough spin to keep it in, and you will hit winners or force a mishit from opponent. I've seen it first hand. And if the heavy spin player is just a little off during one of the shots in the rally, ball lands too short and goes right in my wheel house, the rally is over. Either I smack a nasty winner, force them to mishit, or I hit it out or in the net. But I go for it every single time. Has given me some great wins. Definitely the way to play. Just ask Djoker or Federer or Agassi. Not COMPLETLY flat, but enough spin to smack em with pace. Look at James Blake too
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