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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Well I realize what I'm saying is offensive as you want to believe in your hero and cannot really defend your position. This is why you have to resort to attacking me personally or trying to pick apart picayune points .

When I say "always" I didn't mean that Nadal wins every single time....but you already knew that.

What I meant was that Nadal has "always" been beating Federer throughout Nadals entire career. From the very first moment they met.

The domination has "always" existed. Fed has never been in the lead ,pre peak post peak ,mid peak ,kinda peak ,mediocre peak, high peak , double jig peak, mid afternoon peak........always.

No misrep is a fact.
Oh I have no problem defending my point, while you just roboticly keep repeating yours. And it is a fact that you have expressed yourself misleadingly on many counts, which points to the problem you have. But as you say it depends on who is the judge. None of us here are judges really, but I am happy not to agree with someone as untrustworthy as you.
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