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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
No.....but some yes. For example he won two wimbys in a row. He was then to injured and/or personal issues with his parents and couldn't play the third year to defend his title .

Federer was the direct beneficiary and faced Roddick I'm the final for the fourth time.

Yes Roger won that wimby and that's another wimby for the record books......but the defending champion was not in that tournament.

I think on paper it looks beautiful for Fed but on paper it was a hollow win because the defending champion wasn't even in the tournament .
hey, atleast federer had taken nadal to 9-7 in the 5th ...

and nadal hadn't won two wimbys in a row ... he had won just one, wimby 2008, that too narrowly ...

What had nadal done vs del potro in USO 2009 .....oh wait, he had lost 2,2 and 2 .....

now see that is an unworthy/totally hollow win - USO 2010 ......

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